Pamela Reeves is a member of the Board of Directors at Women for Women International, where she serves on the Program Committee and Revenue and Advancement Committee.

Pamela Reeves is senior advisor for gender strategy to the Office of Melinda Gates, and the former director of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s International Fund for Women and Girls in the U.S. State Department. She is also the founder of Reeves Advisory, a firm that provides strategic insights on gender equity issues to the public and private sectors, and a Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs at Brown University.

Previously, Ms. Reeves served as senior advisor to the Nike Foundation, where she designed the Girl Declaration program and built international support for the global development agenda for adolescent girls. She also advised the United Nations Foundation’s Data 2X initiative, an international effort to collate and analyze gender-focused data. Ms. Reeves has served as the United Nations human rights officer in Liberia, and as director for new initiatives at the International Foundation for Election Systems. She has worked with governments and civil society throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Ms. Reeves serves on the board of directors of the Kakenya Center for Excellence. She is on the advisory board of, a member of the President’s Leadership Council at Brown University, and she is a frequent speaker at the Aspen Ideas Forum.

Ms. Reeves holds a BA in international relations from Brown University, and an MA in international relations from Yale University.