Queen Rania Al-Abdullah

Queen of the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


“Empowering women today is, perhaps, the single greatest legacy we can bestow upon our children. Our daughters, watching in admiration, will be inspired to emulate our initiatives and excel in their chosen fields. Our sons, proud of the positive changes they see not only in their families but also in society, will recognize the value of empowering women. Ultimately, we will all benefit from a more cohesive and active global community, renowned for respecting each other and proud of the strong foundations it has built, together.”

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah was born in Kuwait on August 31, 1970. She completed her primary and secondary education in Kuwait and in 1991 obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from American University in Cairo. Upon her graduation from university, Queen Rania returned to Jordan and pursued a career in banking, followed by a brief career in information technology.

After her marriage to then-Prince Abdullah on June 10, 1993, she channeled her energies behind initiatives that aim to improve the livelihood of Jordanians from various sectors of society.

Her Majesty’s commitment to speak on behalf of the disadvantaged influences all her efforts to promote the empowerment of women, education and peace.


Queen Rania established the Jordan River Foundation (JRF), a non-governmental organization working at the grassroots level to not only assist women in creating additional sources of income to support their families, but also empower women to become decision-makers within their family, and skilled contributors to the Jordanian economy. Internationally, Her Majesty promotes microfinance as a tangible means of giving large numbers of the world’s poorest a real stake in their societies. She serves on the board of the World Economic Forum and on the board of directors of FINCA International.

In partnership with His Majesty King Abdullah, Queen Rania is working to promote intercultural and interfaith dialogue to promote peace. Her Majesty serves as the Chair of the Royal Commission on Human Rights and as the Global Ambassador of Women for Women International.

Queen Rania is the mother of four children: HRH Prince Hussein (28 June, 1994); HRH Princess Iman (27 September, 1996); HRH Princess Salma (26 September, 2000) and HRH Prince Hashem (30 January, 2005).

The Woman of the World Award, presented by Women for Women International recognizes extraordinary women who have used their voice to speak on behalf of other women worldwide who have been silenced by the violence and chaos of war. The first recipient of this award is Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan.