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Raising Awareness for #16Days and Violence against Women

As we mark the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, WfWI's Senior Director of Communications, Amber Khan, recently sat down with Lina Rozbih at Voice of America News - Dari for an interview broadcast across Afghanistan to discuss the prevalence of violence against women worldwide.

"Violence against women is a global problem. More than one in three women around the globe face violence, and unfortunately the most common form of violence is not on the street, but in your home, at the hands of someone you know. It can be domestic, physical, sexual. The violence that women face unfortunately increases in parts of the world where there is tremendous conflict and a lack of access to opportunity to be able to deal and confront the perpetrators." 

Discussing the challenges of addressing violence against women, Khan explains the importance of engaging men as part of the solution to ending violence and supporting women's rights and equality, particularly in places where war and conflict undermine the rule of law. 

"War destroys the security, comfort, and networks that hold society together, and undermines the values of the community and country. It destroys the systems of education and knowledge, and awareness of rights, and all of this breeds poverty. Together, war and poverty create the conditions that make it possible for the violence to grow without consequence." 

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