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Urgent action now will make a big difference to the women and girls of Afghanistan.

Peace negotiations are happening that will determine the future of Afghanistan. Women are excluded from taking a full part in these negotiations, and we demand that women have an equal seat at the negotiating table, and an equal voice in determining their future, and the future of their country.

There is no peace without women. More than anything, women in Afghanistan need security so that they can play a full part in rebuilding their country. Let's support our sisters, and help them to build a better future for Afghanistan.

Thousands of women and men have shown their support by joining us on the Bridge on International Women's Day, by fundraising and by signing the petition, which will be presented to your Foreign Secretary of State, calling for urgent action so that Afghan women can play a full part in building the bridges of peace for their future.

Sign the petition now and spread the word.

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