Sponsorship: Change A Woman's Life Forever

img-bosnian-womanOur sponsorship program offers a transformative opportunity to witness a direct and lasting impact, thanks to your charitable spirit. By sponsoring a sister, you provide a financial gift that extends past making ends meet to achieve real, sustainable change in how these women thrive through the 12-month program and beyond. Regular updates from the field keep you abreast of your sister’s progress so you can witness, firsthand, the difference you're making.

What Is Sponsorship?

  • Financial assistance for necessities like food, medicine
    and her children's education.
  • Awareness of her legal rights so she can use her voice to be heard.
  • Job training and business skills allowing her to support herself and her family.
  • Country-specific education courses like HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, literacy training, savings and investment counseling.

Stay Informed of Our Programs

Read our Notes from the Field blog to learn about how WfWI employees and supporters are making an impact. Read the Notes From the Field Blog

Countries Where We Work

Get facts on the status of women in your sister's country and the progress you're helping Women for Women International make. Learn More

Give the Gift of Sponsorship

Honor someone you love by giving them the gift of sponsorship. This unique gift forges an everlasting bond between two women. How it works