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As new events emerge that impact our work, we have tried to make sure that many of our interviews or important sessions are recorded so that our dedicated supporters can participate in or listen to at their leisure. Below is a list of Podcasts and interviews that Women for Women International, or it’s affiliates, have participated in. To listen to a podcast simply click on the option that works best for you below, and enjoy.

BBC World Service Outlook

Founder Zainab Salbi discusses her childhood in Iraq and how her experiences with war lead her to start Women for Women International in 1993, aiding women in eight war-torn and post-conflict countries. Source


Afghanistan: Women Bring Change to Their Country

Listen to our podcast with Rohina Smim, our Program Director for Microfinance Afghanistan, discuss the current situation in her country. Learn how our microcredit program helps women earn an income and support their families.


International Women’s Day Conference Call

For our 2008 International Women’s Day recognition, we had a discussion about what International Women’s Day means to Zainab Salbi, founder of Women for Women International. Supporters could choose to submit questions and listen in during the call on March 8th. To listen to the recorded conversation, click below.


Zainab Salbi on Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders

Radio Without Borders, Jean Feraca talks to Zainab Salbi about her personal experience as a survivor of war and her dedication to rebuilding communities ravished by war, one woman at a time. The interview originally aired on October 3, 2007. To listen, click below.

Listen on WPR.org

WHYY Radio Times discusses situation in Kosovo with Hamide Latifi

An update on Kosovo several years after the war. WHYY Radio Times talks with Hamide Latifi, Director of Women for Women in Kosovo.


WHYY Radio Times interview with Zainab Salbi about life growing up in Iraq

WHYY Radio Times talks with Zainab Salbi about her childhood in Iraq where her father was Saddam Hussein's personal pilot and a frequent uninvited guest in their home. Her memoir "Between Two Worlds" tells the story.


Run for Congo Women on Chicago Public Radio

Chicago Public Radio talks about Run for Congo Women with Christine Karumba - Democratic Republic of the Congo Country Director of Women for Women International Mary Holstrom and Tracy Ronzio– Co-organizers of the Chicago Run for Congo Women


Zainab Salbi speaks at Chautagua about the work of Women for Women International.

Chautaqua Podcasts: Guest Zainab Salbi joins Mary Daley and host Joan Brown Campell, Director of Religion, to discuss how just $30 and a letter have helped 100,000 women war survivors around the world.


Hamide Latifi gives WNYC an update on the situation in Kosovo

WNYC New York – Underreported: Kosovo. WYNC talks with Hamide Latifi, Director of Women for Women International's Kosovo chapter, and discusses her efforts to support and empower women in Kosovo.