Hosting an Event

By hosting an event, you're going above and beyond by motivating friends, colleagues and your community to help women survivors of war rebuild their lives, families and their own communities.


Ideas for Fundraising

  • Read Between Two Worlds by Zainab Salbi with your book club, then ask members to sponsor a woman survivor at your next meeting.
  • Sell inexpensive bottles of wine at an event for double the price and donate the proceeds to Women for Women International.
  • Gather friends for a potluck dinner and then donate the amount you would have spent on dinner out to our programs.

Some Great Events

Barbara Smith created a spa day where friends get free facials as a thank you for making a $50 donation to Women for Women International.

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Start Planning Now

Event planning is easy with our step-by-step online event kit.

Download the Event Kit


Following is a list of great ways to get your party started!


Makes it easy for you to tell your family and friends about our programs. Contact Us for the DVD version if you need it!

Talking Points

Gives you all of the program basics

Press Advisory

Gives you a template to contact your local media

Downloadable Brochure

Print these brochures to share information on our program with your guests

Story Cards

These beautiful cards detail stories of actual women in our program and allow someone to sponsor on the back.

Sign Up Sheet

Grassroots Power Point Presentation

Use this Powerpoint presentation to promote your event to groups or at your event – or to your school group, women’s organization or book club. Pick and choose which slides works best for your presentation!