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Become part of the Run for Congo Women movement! Take part in our first ever 5k Run for Congo Women on Sunday 11th September and help women devastated by the human conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo to rebuild their lives.

100% of the money you raise goes directly to our programmes in Congo, helping women in the war ravaged eastern provinces to rebuild their lives and support themselves and their families. So far our amazing supporters, including Pamela Stephenson-Connolly, have raised over £77,000 - enough to provide 516 women with Life Skills Training. Be part of the team, that helps us reach £100,000 a year after we launched.

Kandy Rohmann
“When we are together we are strong.” Read the feature on Run for Congo Women in the Runner's World magazine.

Thank you to the 41 runners who took part in our last Run for Congo Women event on Sunday, 3rd July. Collectively, you have raised over £10,000 already! We want to give a special thanks to Kandy Rohmann for organising a film screening, running the 10K and raising more than £1,800!

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Upcoming Runs

  • Title: Run for Congo Women - Adidas Women's 5k Challenge 2011
  • Date: Sunday, 11th September 2011
  • Location: Hyde Park, London
  • Distance: 5k
  • Fee: £15 (£5 of this comes directly to Women for Women. The remaining £10 pays your registration fee)
  • Register online and start fundraising!

Feel free to run, jog walk or skip, and invite your friends and family to come and cheer you on!

Why Run for Congo Women?

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) presents one of the world's deadliest emergencies to date.

This conflict has particularly affected women and girls as they are systematically raped as a combat strategy to terrorise and humiliate. Tens-of-thousands of women and girls have experienced sexual violence - some raped whilst on the way to school, others while fetching water, and many are kept as sex slaves for soldiers. A recent study found that400,000 females aged 15-49 were raped over a 12-month period in 2006 and 2007, or 48 attacks every hour, The situation is so extreme that Margot Wallström, the UN’s special representative on sexual violence in conflict, has recently called DR Congo the "rape capital of the world."

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Learn more about our work in the DRC and read The Democratic Republic of Congo Survey: Stronger Women, Stronger Nations, 2010.




Fundraising is an important part of the Run for Congo, so please aim to raise at least £150. One-hundred percent of the funds raised go directly to Women for Women’s programmes in Congo. £150 is enough to provide Life Skills Training for one woman in Congo, enabling her to earn an income and provide for her family.

Does £150 seem like an intimidating amount? In fact, 76% of those who fundraised in the inaugural Run for Congo raised this much or more...and many of these runners had never participated in a charity run before. Women for Women is committed to helping you fundraise and will provide tools and tips to help you achieve and exceed your personal fundraising target.

£77,454 has been raised through Run for Congo Women so far, a truly amazing figure which wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful runners and supporters - thank you so much! Both the runs we have organised, and those organised by supporters around the country - from Sheffield to Bristol to Leeds - have contributed to this amazing achievement.

Can I Organise My Own Run?

Yes! Grassroots Run for Congo events are organised all over the world by supporters like you. Runs can involve a large group of runners, small groups of friends, or even solo runners.

We have a number of resources available for you to download:

Don't like running? Feel free to organise a Bike for Congo, Trek for Congo, Swim for Congo-the possibilities are endless as long as you're committed. If you still have questions email