Critical Issues

Women living in the eight war-torn and post-conflict countries where we work are facing new challenges every day: gender inequality, violence as a weapon of war or poverty. Learn about the major issues affecting the women in our programs.


Global Hotspots

Updates and analysis about issues affecting women survivors of war in the countries where we operate.

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Investing in Women and Girls

Development experts agree, investing in women and girls is critical to achieving broader development goals.

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Women and War

Learn more about the effects of conflict on women and how they can hold the key to peace-building and post-conflict reconstruction.

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Violence Against Women and Girls

Violence against women and girls is crippling communities and economies.

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Agriculture and Food Security

Investing in women in agriculture is the key to both food and economic security.

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More Critical Issues

There's more! Read about other important issues we're working on at Women for Women International.

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