Engaging male leaders with women's rights in Nigeria

Engaging male leaders with women's rights in Nigeria

Last month, the Women for Women International Nigeria team delivered a men’s engagement workshop to 50 male leaders in Enugu State, south-east Nigeria.

Receiving a certificateThe training, made possible through a grant from the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID), aimed to raise awareness of women’s rights amongst male leaders and engage them as agents of change in their communities.

The training included traditional community leaders, religious leaders, police representatives, legal professionals and youth leaders. Throughout the two and a half day workshop, male leaders learnt about a range of topics including:  rights and resources, violence against women, division of labour, women in leadership positions, and family health and education. Sessions were led by local subject matter experts, including lawyers and doctors.

The level of commitment shown by the workshop participants was very encouraging; even the 7.30am early starts didn’t dampen their enthusiasm, and 100% attendance was achieved each day.  The workshop facilitators ensured everyone was involved in the sessions, and felt confident to participate.

 At the end, each participant was awarded a certificate of participation, amongst much excitement, and committed to sharing what they had learnt with at least ten other men in their community. This ripple effect will ensure that the important message of women’s rights are spread to many more men. One of the traditional rulers finished by giving his thanks for the workshop and promising not to let us down.