Connecting With Your Sister

The Heart of the Relationship

As a Sponsor, you already have a bond with your sister. You know her name and she knows yours. You are two people who are connected across miles and across cultures. Your sister also knows that your Sponsorship contributions represent an incredibly meaningful opportunity for her to create a better life for herself and her family.

Your letters are incredibly meaningful

Through letters, you can create an even stronger connection, learn more about your sister's life, and to tell her about yours. Many women in our programs have never received a letter addressed to them, so you can imagine the impact it has on their self-esteem.

How letters are delivered

Letters to your sister come through our office and are then forwarded to the office in the country where your sister lives. Your letters are translated into your sister's native language by a member of our field office or by our volunteer staff. And of course, anything that your sister writes to you will be translated as well. It's a time consuming process, which explains why it can take several months for a letter to reach you or your sister.

Communicating with your sister takes a little bit of effort for everyone involved. But for many Sponsors and their sisters, it can also be wonderfully rewarding.

Helpful letter writing tips and topics

Some Sponsors don't want to write to their sisters because they don't know what to say-or because they feel as though the comfort of their own lives will serve as a sad contrast to their sister's lives of hardship. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Your sister wants to get to know you!

So feel free to tell her about:

  • Your home and family life
  • Why you became a Sponsor
  • Ask her questions about her family and community
  • Current events and how they affect you
  • What you do for a living or at home

It's always inspiring to read letters that sisters have written to their Sponsors, and vice versa.

On our letter blog you'll find a host of letters to read that will inspire you - and remind you of the power that letters have on the life of your sister.

Writing letters is not for everyone

As a Sponsor, you are asked to write letters to your sister. And your sister is encouraged to respond to the letters she receives from you. However, there may be circumstances that make a correspondence extremely difficult for your sister.

She may be dealing with emotional issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder that make letter-writing challenging. Some women are not literate and do not possess the skills to write a letter. For them, learning how to write their name is a huge accomplishment!

Perhaps you're not a letter-writer yourself. If that's the case, you can send cards or photos. Or just be assured that that your Sponsorship contributions are more than enough to express your commitment to your Sponsored sister.

Send your letters online!

To save paper and time, send letters through our Online Login Area! Your sister's information will be automatically filled in for you. You can attach photos, write captions, and even save draft letters to come back to. Get started here!

If you would rather write a paper letter, please send it to Women for Women International, 2000 M Street, NW, Suite 200, Washington DC, 20036 USA. Please be patient, paper letters take longer to process than letters written online.

A few words in your sister's language

Imagine your sister reading your letter and seeing words in own her native language! She will be touched by your efforts. Here are a few common words and phrases that you can use when writing to your sister: