Letters of Hope


As a sponsor, you are asked to write letters to your sister. Letters provide an emotional lifeline to a woman who may have lost everything. Many sponsors develop a lasting connection with the woman they sponsor. Your sister will be encouraged to respond to the letters she receives from you. However because the women we work with are often dealing with an array of difficulties, some find it hard to write. Letters make a profound difference in every woman's life and we encourage you to continue to write monthly even if your sister is unable to respond.

"Anne, I would like for your support and for your letters. They bring joy to my heart and I eagerly wait your letter. I got so excited and I know that your letters make me feel so important as a person because I know there is someone in this world who cares and supports me." – Participant in Kosovo.

You can send letters to your sister either online or through the post.

The Online Login Area is the fastest and easiest way to send letters to your sister. After you submit them online, these letters will be sent to our chapter offices electronically, and then printed and translated in-country.

If you choose to use the Online Login Area to send your letters, they will be auto populated with all of your sister's information for you. You can access the login area from any computer, whenever you would like to see your sister's information – and send letters even when you're away from home! Registering for your account can be done in just 3 quick steps. As soon as you have logged in you can send letters, attach photos with captions, and even save draft letters to work on later. Get started here!

Of course, paper letters are always appreciated as well, and can be mailed to us at:

Women for Women International
2000 M Street, NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036

To send a paper letter to your sister you will need to ensure that your complete sponsorship information is listed on the top of each page:

  • your full name
  • your sponsor ID number
  • your sister's full name
  • your sister's woman group
  • your sister's country

This information is included in your New Sponsor Kit, and for your convenience it can also be found in our Online Login Area if for any reason you do not have access to the original kit.

Below you will find links to excerpts from letters written by sponsors and program participants overseas. All of these letters touched us, and we hope that you enjoy them as well and that they help inspire you when you are writing to your sister.