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WfWI Rings Closing Bell at NASDAQ

Women for Women International visited the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square on November 9, 2012 to participate in the day's Closing Ceremony. Afshan Khan, joined on stage by several WfWI staff members, rung the Closing Bell.

WfWI CEO Afshan Khan Discusses Girls' Education

In an interview with BBC World News America's Katty Kay, WfWI CEO Afshan Khan discusses the situation of girls' education and rights in Pakistan and Afghanistan in light of the Taliban's shooting of Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani advocate for girls' education. Khan calls the Taliban's efforts to challenge a girl's right to education "one of the most fundamental violations" against a child.

Average Daily Income


By the time they graduate, participants have an average daily income of $1.47, up from $0.68 before enrollment.

Percentage of Women Regularly Saving Money


By the time they graduate 83% of participants are regularly saving money for their futures, up from only 27% at enrollment.

Percentage of Women With Awareness of Good Nutrition


By the time they graduate, 93% of participants have knowledge of good nutrition, up from 36% at enrollment.

Percentage of Women With Knowledge of Their Rights


By the time they graduate, 93% of women have knowledge of their rights, up from 34% at enrollment.

Percentage of Women With Social Networks & Safety Nets


By the time they graduate, 61% of participants have social networks and safety nets, up from 23% before enrollment.

Shishang, Nigeria

“To have someone like you as my sponsor in this program is a thing of joy, thank you for caring for women around the globe… If not for training sessions I would have never known anything about human rights, especially as it concerns women. Now I am a little enlightened and aware, also of various business opportunities. The program is interactive, keep up the good work. My business is now flourishing and my customers are happy with my clean business environment and they keep coming.”

Zahra, Afghanistan

“You caused the reason of the development of these poor families in order to become free of such poverty, serve to out society, stand by our own feet and think about our future’s financially condition.”

Mukaneza, DRC

“My husband, my children and I say ‘Thank you a million!’.”

Marie Luise, Rwanda

“Though I tried by all means to continue, I got short of funds when there was only one year left to complete my studies so I was forced to drop out… Now I hope that there is a future. Besides the teachings and support I get, I hope that I will one time get tuition fees and complete my studies and obtain a diploma that I dreamt of and finally get a job.”

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