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change her life forever

Your monthly gifts of $30 will support her through a year-long training program that will give her the skills to support her family and transform her life.

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Give her skills to
earn an income.

Your monthly gift supports your new sister as she receives intensive training for the essential job skills she needs to earn an income and support her family.

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Job Training

Training the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Many sisters start their own businesses to earn income, even banding together with other graduates to form co-ops. Most graduates are able to move beyond extreme poverty.

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Business Training

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Knowing her rights
can stop wrongs.

Your sister will learn about her real value and rights as a citizen, and can become a leader for other struggling women in her community.

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Knowledge of her rights

Better nutrition.
Stronger Families.

Your funds help provide basic necessities like nutritious food and clean water for your sister and her family, so she can focus on recovering and learning new skills.

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Knowledge of Nutrition and Health

A network of women learning and growing together.

You’ll provide a safe place for your sister, where she is part of a network of like-minded women, so she’ll be better able to recover from the horrors of war and rebuild her life.‚Äč

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Support Networks and Safety Nets

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You’ll help her overcome the horrors of war

Sponsor a woman who has survived the unthinkable.

“The Serb army and police constantly beat us up. They said they would massacre the men, rape the women and burn them.”

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“These women are either one or all of the following: survivors of sexual violence, armed conflict widows, HIV positive.”

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“In just a hundred days, more than 800,000 people were murdered. Half a million women were raped. Jacqueline’s husband was killed”

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You can send her a personal message of hope when you sign up to sponsor.

Just a few words of encouragement can have a profound effect on your sponsored sister.

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