Sponsor Stories

We often hear from sponsors who have had a meaningful experience with their sister or who have taken their experience with Women for Women International and shared it with their community in the form of an educational event or a fundraiser. If you are interested in sharing a positive or interesting experience you have had during the Sponsorship Program, please send it to sponsorship@womenforwomen.org with "My Story" in the subject line.

We also have many success stories from women who have participated in the Sponsorship Program overseas. Many participants say the program positively changed their lives and the lives of their families. If your sister has told you about an experience she has had as a result of the program, please feel free to share that with us as well.

"I could never even dream that something like this would ever happen to me. That I would become a member of Women for Women International and meet Mary Ann, who lives miles away from Bosnia. Please believe me when I say that I was thrilled when our group leader gave me a letter from you at our meeting. I was so happy because another woman, a mother, is writing to me from the other side of the world."

– A participant from Bosnia and Herzegovina

"I have wanted to do something to help empower women worldwide for a long time, however it seemed such a huge task and I didn't know where to start. This program is wonderful because it enables us women who are blessed in small ways to share our blessing with those who still need blessings, woman to woman, one woman at a time."

– A sponsor to her Nigerian sister

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