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Brita Fernandez Schmidt

Brita Fernandez Schmidt serves as the Executive Director of Women for Women International – UK and is the Vice President of Europe and External Relations (Global).

Brita Fernandez Schmidt

Connect with Brita Fernandez Schmidt

She is responsible for the operation and management of Women for Women International in the UK and Europe. Alongside this, Brita also sits on the Board of Directors for Žene za Žene (Women for Women) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosova Women for Women International in Kosovo and Women for Women International (DE). 

Brita Fernandez Schmidt is an advocate and promoter of women’s empowerment, women’s rights and equality. She frequently writes about the challenges women face all over the world in the context of poverty and conflict. Brita is a public speaker on these issues. She has lived and/or worked in over 16 countries spanning three continents.

Brita has led several influential women’s organizations and networks. She currently runs Women for Women International - UK as Executive Director and has worked at the organization for almost 10 years. She has grown the organization from when it first started in the UK to a medium-sized charity which is helping thousands of women in countries affected by conflict and raising millions through effective and innovative donor relationships and partnerships. She is also the Chair of Gender Action for Peace and Security (GAPS). Previously she was a Commissioner to the UK Women’s National Commission, Chair of the Gender and Development Network, Director for Programmes & Policy at Womankind Worldwide, board member of BOND and she started her career at the European Women’s Lobby.

Brita holds a M.A. in Women’s Studies from the University of Sussex. Originally from Germany, Brita went to school in Venezuela. She now lives in the UK with her husband and two daughters.

Watch Brita's interview on TRT World on International Women's Day 2017 where she spoke about our work in response to the global call to 'Be Bold for Change,' and listen to the BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour segment where she discusses the impact of our work and the ongoing need to invest in women.

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