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Martin Thomas

Martin Thomas serves as Chair of Trustees for Women for Women International - UK

and is a member of the Executive Committee 

Martin Thomas

Martin Thomas is Chairman of BACIT (UK) Limited, manager of the BACIT portfolio of assets. He was Chairman of Lancashire Holdings Limited, the FTSE 250 specialty insurance company, for 10 years, and a member of the 30% Club dedicated to getting women onto corporate boards. He has been an official of the Bank of England, where he established the Financial Markets Law Committee, a secondee to the EU Commission, Deputy Chief Executive of the Financial Law Panel and senior counsel to the European Central Bank . He has been a trustee of many charities.

“I am delighted to be working with Martin Thomas as our new Chair of Trustees. It has always been important to me to run Women for Women International like a business and the experience Martin brings to the table is immense and will be extremely useful. Having a man in such a senior position is also a strong signal that, despite our name, men are integral to our work – be it the community leaders or our Men’s Engagement Programme Trainers in countries like Afghanistan, DRC and Nigeria or our male supporters. Martin’s leadership will pave the way for the implementation of Women for Women International’s next 3-year strategy.”  

Brita Fernandez Schmidt
Executive Director of Women for Women International - UK

As a co-founder of BACIT, the innovative investment company that donates 1% each year to charities, and Chairman of the BACIT Foundation, Martin has got to know Women for Women International as a funder. Since 2013 Women for Women International has received a number of grants from the BACIT Foundation.

Martin was also Chairman of Lancashire Holdings, which has an associated charitable foundation, to which he introduced Women for Women International in 2014. In February 2016, the Lancashire Foundation kindly hosted a donor engagement breakfast hosted by Martin, to introduce the charity to more men and women in the City.

“In the three years I have had the pleasure of working with Women for Women International-UK, I’ve been impressed by the level of governance, financial reporting, financial accounting and prudent husbanding of resources shown by the charity. The charity has a very large very well connected and very proper board of trustees who collectively have a great deal of networking and contact access that they can bring to bear in supporting the charity’s operation and aims. I am very proud to join them as incoming chair.”  Martin Thomas