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Help Forge Her Path to Success, Sponsor a Sister


Your monthly gift of $35 will support your sister through a yearlong training program that gives her the tools she needs to support her children and transform her life forever.

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Your Gift Changes Women's Lives. 
Share in Their Successes. See Their stories.


As a sponsor, you pledge to contribute a monthly fee to support one individual woman in our Stronger Women, Stronger Nations program of vocational and business skills training, rights awareness, and health education. Your support will provide the tools and resources your sister needs to rebuild her life. Your monthly contributions will also help your sister obtain basic necessities for her family, like food, clean water, and medicine; pay school-related expenses for her children; and start building family savings; or to use the funds as seed capital to start a business. Perhaps more importantly, the emotional support that your sponsorship and letters provide serves as a lifeline to a woman who may have otherwise lost everything.

How Sponsorship Works

  1. Match with a Sister
    A few weeks after you sign up to become a sponsor, you will be matched with a sister. (Please allow extended time due to COVID-19 delays in processing). That means your sister has officially been enrolled in her program and will begin attending classes—either virtually or in person—because of your generous support.
  2. Receive Regular Updates
    When you sign up to be a sponsor, we will send you a welcome pack containing information about your sister, the country she is from, and her hopes for the future. As your sister proceeds through the training program, you’ll receive regular updates via email about her progress and what she has been learning.
  3. Exchange Letters
    Perhaps the most cherished element of sponsorship is the option to exchange letters. As a sponsor, you have access to an online Supporters Portal where you can send messages of support and encouragement to your sister. The women we serve deeply value this connection and treasure these words—for some, these messages can be an emotional lifeline.


March 2021 COVID-19 Update: At the end of 2020, our country offices had closed and in-person trainings were paused to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Today, we’re delighted to be enrolling women into our Stronger Women, Stronger Nations program again, thanks to ongoing generosity from our sponsors.

“Back to normal” is still far away, but national lockdowns have eased in many countries, allowing our teams greater training and enrollment ability. Some of our offices have transitioned back to in-person or part-time training, but we remain diligent, as the safety of the women we serve is top priority. Our classrooms may now look slightly different—with social distancing, face masks, and handwashing stations in place to protect our program participants and trainers—but the supportive group atmosphere is just the same and it is proving more important than ever.

Right now, women around the world need access to health resources and to recognize their power as leaders in the fight against coronavirus. With your continued sponsorship support, we’re developing new and innovative ways to stay in touch with program participants and recent graduates, reestablish stability, and continue to provide life-changing wellness, economic, and social empowerment training.

By signing-up to sponsor a sister now, you are helping us to ensure that we continue our essential program and enroll even more women in 2021. And we’re thrilled to share that any sponsor whose sister is returning to continue her training cut short by COVID-19 will be able to continue sponsoring the same woman.

We look forward to being able to introduce you to your new sister as soon as we can. In the meantime, to learn more and stay up to date, you can view our COVID-19 response page which is being updated regularly with information from our country offices. If you have any questions about the status of our program, you can always reach us at sponsorship@womenforwomen.org.

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Your monthly gift of $35 provides a woman with skills to support her family and creates sustainable change.