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Help Forge Her Path to Success, Sponsor a Sister


Your monthly gift will support your sister through a year-long training program that gives her the tools she needs to support her children and transform her life forever. 

I Want to Sponsor

Your Gift Changes Women's Lives. 
Share in Their Successes. See Their Stories.

As a sponsor, you pledge to contribute a monthly fee to support one individual woman in our Stronger Women, Stronger Nations program of vocational and business skills training, rights awareness, and health education. Your support will provide the tools and resources your sister needs to rebuild her life. Your monthly contributions will also help your sister obtain basic necessities for her family, like food, clean water, and medicine; pay school-related expenses for her children; and start building family savings; or to use the funds as seed capital to start a business. Perhaps more importantly, the emotional support that your sponsorship and letters provide serves as a lifeline to a woman who may have otherwise lost everything.

How Sponsorship Works

  1. Match with a Sister
    A few weeks after you sign up to become a sponsor, you will be matched with a sister. (Please allow extended time due to COVID-19 delays in processing). That means your sister has officially been enrolled in her program and will begin attending classes—either virtually or in person—because of your generous support.
  2. Receive Regular Updates
    When you sign up to be a sponsor, we will send you a welcome pack containing information about your sister, the country she is from, and her hopes for the future. As your sister proceeds through the training program, you’ll receive regular updates about her progress and what she has been learning.
  3. Exchange Letters
    Perhaps the most cherished element of sponsorship is the option to exchange letters. As a sponsor, you have access to an online Supporters Portal where you can send messages of support and encouragement to your sister. The women we serve deeply value this connection and treasure these words—for some, these messages can be an emotional lifeline.

"The program has picked me up from the dust and placed me on a pedestal of hope and economic strength. It has enhanced my life beyond my wildest dreams and I am so grateful.”

–Naomi, graduate in Nigeria

Sponsor Testimonials

"Your contribution makes a difference! Make sure to sponsor a woman and don’t hesitate to send a short note, a long story, a picture, or a word of encouragement to the women you sponsor. Your sister appreciates contact from you more than you know.  I know that because that’s what Stephanie shared with me." –Beverly Thompson, sponsor

"I can honestly say getting involved in the Women for Women International global community has helped me stay positive and hopeful!" –Mira Borggreen, sponsor

"One of my favorite parts about being a sponsor is having the opportunity to exchange letters with my sister. I received her picture in one of her letters and now it proudly sits on my mantel piece so that I can be reminded of her every day. I also like knowing that my sponsorship allows my sister to receive a monthly stipend and skills training to help her recover and build stability following conflict." –Katharine Buckley, sponsor

What Your Sister Will Gain

Skills to Earn and Save Money

Your sister will learn a vocational skill that’s proven to earn an income in her local market, such as tailoring, brickmaking, or agriculture. She will also learn business skills like bookkeeping and budgeting, to help her use this vocational skill to earn money to support her family.

In 2020, participants increased their average daily income from $0.69 at enrollment to $3.51 at graduation.

Human Rights Knowledge

Women have fundamental rights: to vote, to own land, to divorce, and to inherit property. Your sister will gain knowledge of her rights, as well as learning about gender equality and laws that protect her from violence and discrimination.

In 2020, women’s knowledge of their rights increased from 62% at enrollment to 89% at graduation.

Health & Wellbeing

Women cannot be active members of their communities if they are not physically and mentally well. Your sister will learn about topics including hygiene and disease prevention, family planning, coping with stress, and the importance of nutrition for herself and her family.

In 2020, 94% of women who graduated from our program demonstrated a correct knowledge of nutrition in food, compared to 74% at enrollment.

Support Networks

War and conflict leave women deeply isolated, feeling unsafe to leave their homes, and without a safe place to meet other women who have experienced the horrors of war. Your sister will join a class of 24 other women like her. She will make friends, regain her confidence, and build a support system.

Over the course of the year, your sister will also receive support from a friend that she has never met – you!

"The only way we are going to improve conditions for all women is together, and that means lifting each other up, at home or overseas." 

–Anna Rust, sponsor

Women Fleeing Afghanistan
”Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” —Dalai Lama