The women we serve are leaders on the front lines, rebuilding war-torn societies from the ground up. They are passionate about advocating for other women and their communities, and with our help, they become agents of change.

We train women to become community leaders and to advocate for the rights of other women and marginalized people in their communities. Training focuses on violence prevention, creating economic opportunities, public speaking, leadership, and women’s rights advocacy. Our graduates learn about their rights and share their knowledge with others in their community and in so doing, create communities where women’s contributions are valued and heard. They are Change Agents.

In 2017, we began a new training called “Change Agents” in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Nigeria to help women in our programs take on community leadership roles. They organize collective action to achieve the changes they want to see, including addressing violence against women.

In Afghanistan, we trained three Change Agent groups of 25 women each. After the training, one group advocated to improve a local health clinic that didn’t meet the needs of the community. Doctors in charge of administering checkups rarely showed up for their shifts, and when they did, they refused to provide women with the medicine they needed. The Change Agent group took note of the lack of service and decided to intervene. The director of the clinic was hesitant to meet with them at first, but he eventually heard their demands and this courageous group of women was able to negotiate for equal and fair treatment. Their leadership and the leadership of other Afghan women is changing an entire nation.