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Women for Women International provides women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies. We're changing the world one woman at a time.

The peace, security and prosperity of the United States rests heavily on peace, security and prosperity around the world. Women for Women International believes that the United States can best

March 16, 2017

Sheiran, 32 (left) and Kabira, 38 (right) are sisters. Like most sisters, they laugh, learn and grow together.

March 16, 2017

In modern wars, it’s dangerous to be a woman. During the Rwandan genocide, up to 500,000 women were raped, sexually mutilated, or murdered.

March 8, 2017

The theme for International Women’s Day 2017 is “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030”. The world of work, both formal and informal, is rapidly changing for women.

March 5, 2017