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Past Conflict Respond Fund Partners


Our Conflict Respond Fund allows us to meet the urgent needs of women survivors in emerging conflict zones around the world.

By identifying and quickly allocating resources to credible partners on the ground, we are able to help women and girls rebuild their lives.  

Since its launch in 2018, our Conflict Response Fund has supported women survivors of conflict and war in the following countries:


The civil war in Yemen left millions of its people displaced.

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76% of displaced Yemeni people are women and children

How We've Helped in Yemen

We partnered with a local organization, Yemen Women's Union, to raise awareness of gender-based violence and provide psychosocial support for women survivors. 

Within the community, Yemen Women's Union formed protection committees and held awareness sessions that educated the community about gender-based violence and highlighted support programs for survivors.  

During the six-month partnership:  

  • 314 women survivors of gender-based violence attended awareness-raising sessions 
  • 174 women survivors of gender-based violence received targeted psychosocial support sessions  
  • 51 women survivors received specialized psychiatric care 
Rohingya Women

Almost every Rohingya refugee woman and girl has either survived or witnessed violence, the majority of it being gender-based violence.

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The violent, genocidal actions of Myanmar’s military have forced over 700,000 Rohingya people across the border of Bangladesh into makeshift communities, made up of mostly women and children

How We've Helped in Bangladesh

With local NGO Research, Training, and Management International, we invested in the women and girls who will be the future of the Rohingya community. We supported access to skills training, which will create greater opportunities for women and girls to start small businesses or find paid work.    

"Community mobilization meetings" with Rohingya youth demonstrated why investing in women and girls' job skills helps rebuild Rohingya communities. Local leaders hosted events to address social norms and traditional practices that limit women and girls’ participation in society and show how they can be drivers of change. 

During the eight-month partnership:  

  • 120 Rohingya women and girls (ages 18-35) received vocational skills training in tailoring, computer skills, and small enterprise development 
  • 100 government officials and thousands of camp residents were reached through community awareness-raising to foster support and understanding of the importance of skills development for female youth, a very controversial notion in the deeply conservative Rohingya society 
mums for mums student sewing in tigray ethiopia

More than two million people are estimated to have been forced from their homes and thousands killed in a civil war that broke out in Ethiopia in November 2020, when government troops entered the region of Tigray. There have been widespread reports of human rights abuses, including the use of rape as a weapon of war.  

How We've Helped in Ethiopia

Through our Conflict Response Fund, we partnered with Agar Ethiopia Charitable SocietyAssociation for Women’s Sanctuary and Development, and Mums for Mums, supporting survivors of sexual violence and war in Ethiopia. These organizations work with women and girl survivors to provide sexual and gender-based violence services and empower their futures.

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Your donation will help provide women survivors of war a safe space for rehabilitation as well as medical care that includes psychological and gynecological consultations with doctors.