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What Makes Us Stronger

A new podcast from Women for Women International!

What makes us resilient in times of crisis? And how does conflict and hardship shape who we are? What Makes Us Stronger features the voices of courageous women who’ve lived through unbelievably difficult times in countries like Afghanistan, Syria, and South Sudan, and explores how each of them took on new roles and found the strength to keep going.

Listen to the trailer below for a taste of what you can expect...

Episode 2

In just one year, women’s lives have got a lot harder in Afghanistan. Unable to work, go to school or leave their homes without a male guardian, they are struggling to adapt to new restrictions imposed by the de facto government. In this episode, Nisha talks to Afghan women about what it feels like to lose basic freedoms and what makes them stronger against all the odds.

Episode 1

When you have to leave your home because of war, everything changes. In this episode, we’ll hear from four incredible women who also happen to be refugees. At times of extreme crisis, all our guests found reserves of strength they didn’t know they had and the experience has shaped their lives and futures in ways they didn’t anticipate.

How To Listen & Subscribe

What Makes Us Stronger is available wherever you get your podcasts:

What Makes YOU Stronger?

We want to hear your story of resilience too!
Write to us at media@womenforwomen.org to share what makes you stronger. Your submission may be featured on a future podcast...

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