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Promoting Safety, Economic Opportunities, and Human Rights for Displaced Women in Burkina Faso

Through our Conflict Response Fund, we are providing displaced women in Burkina Faso with access to social and economic resources to sustain their livelihoods in their host communities.

The Situation in Burkina Faso

Since 2015, Burkina Faso has faced a growing security crisis, causing a humanitarian emergency and displacing over two million people. Women and girls are particularly at risk and face many challenges, such as food insecurity, inadequate housing and sanitation, lack of access to income-generating activities, and protection from violence against women (VAW).

Through our Conflict Response Fund (CRF), Women for Women International is partnering with local organizations to provide resources, support, and opportunities for these women.

Our CRF Partners 

Association d’Appui et d’Eveil Pugsada (ADEP):

“Project to strengthen the resilience of internally displaced women in the Zongo district of Ouagadougou city through improved household food security and protection from gender-based violence”.  

Association D’appui d’Eveil Pugsada (ADEP)
Women participants at Association d’Appui et d’Eveil Pugsada (ADEP). Credit: ADEP

We are partnering with the Association d’Appui et d’Eveil Pugsada (Association for the Support and Empowerment of Young Women)  to address food insecurity and support internally displaced women and survivors of violence in the Zongo District of Ouagadougou.

Through this partnership, we are providing essential food supplies and sanitary items to displaced and vulnerable women in Zongo District, as well as training, material support, and access to loans for them to set up small businesses to improve their financial sustainability. In addition, training and educational awareness sessions will be conducted with the IDP and host community on topics of VAW prevention, social cohesion, peace and security, and life skills.

Association pour la Promotion Féminine de Gaoua (APFG): 

“Project to improve food security and resilience of vulnerable women and girls facing the security and humanitarian crisis in five communes of Gaoua district in the South-West region.”

Association pour la Promotion FĂ©minine de Gaoua
Women during training at APFG. Credit: APFG.

We are working with the Association pour la Promotion Féminine de Gaoua (Association for the Promotion of Women of Gaoua) to address food scarcity and promote women’s rights. Their initiative to create community gardens and train women in mixed farming and organic composting will not only improve agricultural production but also provide better access to nutritional food for women and their families. Women will also be trained in the production and transformation of local products and will receive material equipment and cash grants to establish income-generating businesses.

Through educational talks and theatrical performances, we are also working to raise community awareness about VAW, including issues like early and forced marriage, female genital mutilation, and domestic violence. Psychosocial support and counseling will be provided to women and girl survivors of violence at community “listening centers” established in the five communes.  

Association Munyu des Femmes:

“Protection and livelihood support for vulnerable women in Banfora commune, Cascades region.”

Through our work with the Association Munyu des Femmes (Munyu Women’s Association), we are creating “community dialogue groups” in each of the 37 villages/sectors of Banfora commune to become advocates for change. Each group, comprised of 3 men and 2 women, will receive training, coaching, and financial support to design and implement action plans to promote women’s rights and positive masculinity in their communities in concrete ways that lead to improved gender relations and positive behaviors. In each of the 37 villages/sectors, women’s groups will receive training in income-generating activities and material support to set up small businesses. The project also aims to strengthen the referral network of GBV service providers, improve the management of GBV cases, and provide holistic support for survivors of GBV. Separately, through this partnership, vulnerable women, including IDPs, receive training in life skills and community engagement to improve their self-esteem, self-confidence, and ability to act as agents of positive change in their communities. 


*Header image by RobertoVi from Pixabay

Woman has arms wrapped around child in her lap
Your donation will help provide women survivors of war a safe space for rehabilitation as well as medical care that includes psychological and gynecological consultations with doctors.