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Sudan Conflict Response Fund

As they fight to survive, women caught in Sudan’s conflict face hunger and depleting resources. 

The situation in Sudan is growing dire as the country grapples with another devastating conflict. 

What is happening in Sudan?

On April 15, 2023, violent conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces broke out in Khartoum, Sudan. The conflict’s outbreak has destabilized regions already recovering from war and political instability as the deadly clashes have spread throughout the country. Women describe detainment and rampant sexual abuse as militia members invade and take over the homes of families in the midst of widespread death and fighting.

"The biggest worry right now in the light of the ongoing conflict is still [that] there is abuse, especially in Khartoum [by] the militia, who are now in the homes of the people. There are many, many cases of rape [of] women and girls."

-Rabia, a resident of Khartoum


Millions of Civilians Displaced  

The fighting has claimed the lives of more than 13,000 civilians, with 33,000 individuals sustaining injuries, and uprooted over 5.8 million people, including more than 1.5 million who have fled to neighboring countries like Egypt, Chad, and South Sudan, where we have been working since 2006. Internally displaced persons (IDPs) trapped and seeking refuge within Sudan embark on a life-threatening journey to the states of Gezira and Gedaref.

Thousands of civilians caught in the crossfire, including women and children, are facing dehydration, hunger and health issues due to scarcity of water, food supplies, limited access to health care and electricity outages.  

“[For] the women, I think the most urgent need is safety and security for the children, and [food] for the children.” 


Meeting the Needs of Women Survivors in Sudan 

After the conflict broke out, we mobilized our Conflict Response Fund in Sudan and immediately partnered with Zenab for Women Development, the Sudanese Organization for Research and Development, and the Sudan Family Planning Association, three women's rights organizations. Our partners remain in Sudan and work in some of the country’s most conflict-affected areas to provide immediate support to internally displaced women. 

With our shared commitment with Zenab for Women Development (ZWD), we are distributing emergency kits to female-headed households who have fled the fighting in Khartoum to the neighboring states of Gezira and Gedaref. The emergency kits contain both food and non-food items, including sanitary and hygiene materials. We are also providing medicine to pregnant women and food and cash assistance to vulnerable women struggling to survive under conditions of intense fighting in Khartoum city.  

Through our partnership, the Sudanese Organization for Research and Development (SORD) is helping to enhance the resilience of women affected by conflict in Khartoum State through the distribution of dignity kits containing sanitary pads and soap, as well as flashlights and whistles to aid their safety. We are also working with SORD to provide trauma-informed counseling to women who have experienced violence and to document cases of violence against women in the hope of reaching justice for survivors.  

In collaboration with the Sudan Family Planning Association (SFPA), internally displaced women in the Sudanese States of North Darfur and Port Sudan are receiving sexual and reproductive health services through SFPA mobile clinics. In addition, psychosocial and medical support is being provided to women and girl survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV).  

Support Our Mission 

Help us provide critical support for Sudanese women, to meet their urgent needs by donating to our Conflict Response Fund. 

women Sudan
With violence erscalating in Sudan, women urgently need support. You can make a life-changing difference with your emergency gift right now.