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Supporting Resilience Among Displaced Women and Girls in Mali

Through our Conflict Response Fund, we are providing women and girls the resources to combat food insecurity, achieve economic resilience, and achieve holistic healing as survivors of violence.

The Situation in Mali

Mali, a Sahel country in West Africa, is home to nearly 21 million people. Armed conflict, droughts and political instability have created a dire humanitarian crisis. Poverty affects half of the population, with high unemployment rates in rural areas, particularly impacting women and girls.

Based on the 2020 Gender Inequality Index, Mali holds the 184th position globally. Mali is on the front lines of the climate crisis, exacerbating a multi-dimensional and complex situation, further increasing the vulnerability of women and girls.

The prevalence of early and forced marriage, gender-based violence and female genital mutilation persists throughout the nation, with many women facing barriers to justice due to societal pressures and a lack of awareness about their rights.

As a consequence of the conflict,  there has been an increase in kidnappings and sexual violence. Survivors endure physical and psychological trauma but suffer in silence due to distrust in institutions, fear of reprisals, and community stigmatization. The security crisis since 2012 has led to the displacement of civilians, including women and unaccompanied children, who face challenges in securing shelter, food insecurity and the risk of violence.

To provide immediate assistance to the women and girls affected by conflict, Women for Women International is establishing our Conflict Response Fund (CRF) in Mali to partner with local organizations. Through our partnerships, we are providing support and resources to help women overcome the challenges they are facing.

Our CRF Partners

Yam Gitibolo Tumo (YA-G-TU)

The Yam Gitibolo Tumo (YA-G-TU) is a Dogon expression which translates as “Association for the Promotion of Women”. YA-G-TU promotes women’s rights and works for the effective participation of women, in the local development process. Based in the communities in which they work, YA-G-TU contributes to the equitable sustainable development of communities to promote human rights in health, education, food security, entrepreneurship and the environment.

Women for Women International has partnered with Ya-G-TU to implement the “Support economic resilience and recovery of internally displaced women and girls and their host communities affected by conflict in a context of climate change in Bandiagara, Mopti Region, Mali”. ­­­­­

Through our partnership, displaced women and young girls are being trained and supported to launch new income generating activities. Furthermore, YA-G-TU will work with local GBV services providers, such as healthcare and psychosocial support providers, to improve service delivery to survivors of violence, and directly supports internally displaced women to access these services.

Femmes et Développement (FEDE):   

Women participants at FEDE. Credit: FEDE

FEDE, translates as Women and Development) are a feminist organisation that works to improve the livelihoods of women and young people, who have been long exposed to poverty, and to promote the equality in Mali, particularly for women, young people and people living with disabilities.

WfWI has partnered with FEDE on the “PROSPER – Food security and protection project to meet the needs of displaced and vulnerable women in Mopti Region through a holistic community approach”. This project works in areas with high levels of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), supporting them and vulnerable women in the host communities, with direct food support, dignity kits, and support to set up new income generation activities, through the distribution of small livestock and chickens, and vegetable growing kits. The project will also work to strengthen the referral system of survivors of violence to access to health and psychological services, and support survivors to access these services.  

Through the partnership we hope to support some of the most vulnerable women who have been directly affected by the ongoing conflict in Mali.

Association Malienne pour le Suivi et l'Orientation des Pratiques Traditionnelles (AMSOPT):

Association Malienne pour le Suivi et l'Orientation des Pratiques Traditionnelles (AMSOPT)
Women participants at Association Malienne pour le Suivi et l'Orientation des Pratiques Traditionnelles (AMSOPT). Credit: AMSOPT

AMSOPT, translates as The Malian Association for the Monitoring and Orientation of Traditional Practises, work to see a Malian society where harmful practices and all forms of violence against women and girls to women’s health are abandoned for better reproductive health and the promotion of the human rights of women and children.

Together, we are partnering on the “Project to combat food insecurity and gender-based violence of internally displaced and vulnerable women in Bamako and Mopti regions of Mali”.

The project provides direct food support and dignity kits, containing essential items such as body soap, sanitary napkins, women’s underwear, combs, toothbrushes, and flashlights, to internally displaced women, in Bamako and in Mopti region. Community actors and leaders, including chiefs, religious leaders, elected officials, and technical service providers are being trained to become advocates and supporters in preventing and responding to VAW in their communities.

Woman has arms wrapped around child in her lap
Your donation will help provide women survivors of war a safe space for rehabilitation as well as medical care that includes psychological and gynecological consultations with doctors.