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#SheDares. Will You?

#SheDares is a movement to galvanize support for women survivors of war who stand up for their rights and bring change. It’s a celebration of the bravery of all women: our friends, our families, ourselves.  

And it’s a rallying cry. 

Join us and honor the daring women in your life. 

Celebrate Women's History Month & International Women's Day with #SheDares 

March – designated ‘Women’s History Month’ and with International Women’s Day observed on 8th March – is a double celebration of women’s strength, resilience, and achievements.

✨ Women's History Month, first celebrated in the United States in 1987, recognizes women trailblazers throughout time who have helped shape history, moving the needle on women’s rights and paving the way for change-makers today.

✨ International Women's Day on 8th March honors women’s social, economic, cultural, and political contributions worldwide – while asking us to reflect on the progress we still need to achieve gender equality.  

Every year, Women for Women International celebrates these calendar moments together with the women we serve and our global community of supporters. In 2024, join our #SheDares campaign as we stand with women who dare to stand up when their rights are on the line and drive change in their societies – even in the world’s most dangerous places.


art competition
Get Involved in our #SheDares Campaign

Dare to take action for women’s rights this Women’s History Month with our #SheDares campaign!

Women’s rights are under attack across the world, whether it’s our right to speak up against injustice, choose what to wear, or decide what happens to our bodies. 

But the women survivors of war we support dare to challenge oppression with acts of defiance every day – and so can you. This month, you can use the power of art to speak up about women’s rights by joining our #SheDares art competition, learning about the experiences of women around the world, joining events, and more!

Learn how to get started today:

Attend our Free #SheDares Virtual Event 

Join us for a conversation between Basma Khalifa (Director, Filmmaker and Women for Women International - UK Ambassador) Sara Wahedi (Technologist, Activist and Women for Women International US Champion) and Amani Mustafa (Country Director, Women for Women International - Palestine).

Join us online at 6PM GMT on Thursday, 7th March for a free panel with Basma Khalifa (Director, Filmmaker, and Women for Women International - UK Ambassador) Sara Wahedi (Technologist, Activist and Women for Women International Champion), and Amani Mustafa (Country Director, Women for Women International - Palestine), hosted by Marie Clarke (Chief Program Officer, Women for Women International).

Our guests will shed a light on the lives of courageous women from Sudan to Palestine daring to stand up for their rights and bring change — even in the most difficult and dangerous circumstances.


Join the #SheDares Art Competition

Express Yourself and Celebrate the Power of Women Through Art 

art competition
Take part in our #SheDares art competition this Women's History Month. Illustration: Natalie Byrne

Join our #SheDares art competition between 26th February - 19th March by submitting your piece on the theme of #SheDares. Post your art on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #SheDaresArt, tagging @womenforwomenuk and @womenforwomen for a chance to win a goodie bag and a voucher to get yourself more art supplies!

Terms and conditions apply.


Enjoy Some #SheDares Craft & Chill 

coloring page
Free #SheDares coloring page by artist Natalie Byrne. Photo: Women for Women International

Get creative with your colleagues, friends, and family! Download our toolkit to organize a fun activity and make art celebrating all women who dare to create change. 

The toolkit includes a free feminist coloring page, great for both adults and children!


Support and Receive Exclusive Bracelet:

Join the #SheDares global movement by supporting courageous women survivors of war who stand up for their rights and claim their power. Donate now, and you will receive a limited edition #SheDares bracelet handmade by women survivors of war. 


Listen to the Special Episode of Our Podcast:

In countries where personal freedoms are severely restricted, standing up for women’s rights can be risky. But what happens when women dare to challenge a system that oppresses them? Our Global Communications & External Relations Director, Nidhi Dagur, recently went to Afghanistan to find out.  

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Help us elevate the campaign!   

This toolkit comes with everything you need.

Meet the Women Who Dare: 

shedares collage

Hadiza, Nigeria


Changing cultural norms is not an easy task, especially when you are a woman in a remote village in Nigeria. But Hadiza is a testament to women’s power and strength. #shedares to fight for women’s rights, even when it threatens her personal safety.


Sohalia, Afghanistan


In Afghanistan, women are being erased from public life. Poverty levels are high, girls' education is restricted, and women's rights have been rolled back decades under the de facto government's regime, but Sohalia dares to break barriers.


Marie Jeanne, DRC

Marie Jeanne

The involvement of women in decision-making processes is essential for a balanced and equitable society. However, men are in control of the decision-making in Marie Jeanne’s community in DRC. Women are not given the opportunity to share their ideas and concerns during community gatherings. Marie stood up against this and other injustices. She dares to sparking change by speaking up.


Learn More:

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