“That was the day that Mama made the rules: If they come, run. Be quiet and run. But not together. Never together. If one is found, at least the other survives…."

Date: Thursday 3rd November 2016

Time: 6.30-8pm

Venue: The Blue Tree Kitchen at The Print Rooms, 164-180 Union Street, Southwark, London, SE1 0LH

During the Akayesu trial, Binaifer Nowrojee was the Researcher for Human Rights Watch in the Women's Rights Division. Currently, Regional Director for Asia at Open Society Foundation. 

What impact do you hope this film will have?

Pierre Prosper was the Lead Counsel for the Prosecution, Office of the Prosecutor vs. Jean-Paul Akayesu. Currently, Partner at Arent Fox.

Do you have a favorite moment in the film?

The most satisfaction I had was in watching the survivors themselves. It was great to see them speak with strength. Obviously it was an important part of the film, but for me, you have to remember that I saw them at a very vulnerable state. It’s just remarkable how they are today compared to that vulnerable state that they were in at that time.

During the Akayesu case, Patricia Sellers was the Legal Advisor for Gender, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia. She is currently the a visiting Fellow at Oxford University and Special Advisor to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

How important, in legal history, is the Akayesu case?

Date: Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Venue: BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LN

Premiere: 6:30 PM  

Dinner: 9 PM

Inspiring News

From Kosovo’s Majlinda Kelmendi winning the country’s  first-ever  gold medal in the Olympics to businesswomen in Rwanda and Kenya forging new ties, it has been an incredible month for women around the globe. 

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Charlotte Tilbury is supporting Women for Women International with Hot Lips

Charlotte Tilbury tells us why she chose to support women survivors of war with her new Hot Lips lipstick collection. 

I want to empower women everywhere by partnering with the life-changing charity Women for Women International. 

When I first sat down with the charity and heard the many stories of the women in the programme, I was shocked, devastated and determined to do something to make a real difference. 

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The difficult choices faced by Syrian women refugees

My name is Shivonne Graham, I’m the Director of Fundraising & Marketing at Women for Women International - UK. I have recently returned from a visit to Northern Iraq, where Women for Women International supports Syrian refugees and Yezidi women. I would like to share with you my personal observations, made as a woman meeting other women. Women who are much like me, but whose lives are so different.


The women I met in Iraq are struggling to find hope for the future.

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Inspiring news from around the world

An important part of the #SheInspiresMe campaign is sharing stories about women and events that inspire us. Staying informed is the first step to making a difference.

So we have decided to start putting together a round up of women’s global news stories to share with you on a regular basis. Catch up on inspirational women, uplifting news and latest research findings.

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