About the Women We Served in Iraq

Women care for 3 children on average

32% have no formal education

Average daily income is $0.05 at enrollment

Sectarian violence and competing extremist organizations vying for control pose increased threats and magnify the daily struggles confronting Iraqi women. Despite bombings, torture, rape, and the threat of displacement, women strive to keep their families together.

Women like Awham are determined to forge a new path, and willing to take the risks.

Awham's Story

Our Impact

Since 2003, Women for Women International – Iraq has served more than 14,000 women through our yearlong program.

After graduating from our program, women reported positive changes in four key areas:

Women earn and save money: Women report average daily personal income of $1.31 at graduation, compared to $0.05 at enrollment.
Women develop health and well-being: More than 95 percent of participants report practicing family planning at graduation, compared to 25 percent at enrollment.
Women influence decisions in the home and community: More than 89 percent of participants report participating in household financial decisions at graduation, compared to 45 percent at enrollment.
Women create and connect to networks for support and advocacy: More than 97 percent of participants report sharing information about their rights with other women at graduation, compared to 13 percent at enrollment.