Our Mission

Women for Women International supports women in war-torn regions with financial and emotional aid, job-skills training, rights education and small business assistance so they can rebuild their lives.

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Our Programs Accomplish

Economic Self-Sufficiency

Two years after graduation, graduates report an average
daily income of $1.47, compared to $0.30 at enrollment.

$0.30 At Enrollment Daily Income
$1.47 2 Years After Graduation Daily Income

Political Participation

Two years after graduation, 92% of our graduates report voting in elections,
compared to 72% at enrollment. 88% of our graduates report educating another woman
on her rights, compared to 6% at enrollment.

92% Vote In Elections Up from 72%
88% Educate Others Up from 6%

Women & Children's Health

At graduation, 97% of our participants report increased knowledge of good nutrition,
and more women seek access to healthcare for themselves and their children.

97% Learn Nutrition
Seek healthcare
for self & children

Investing in Communities

At graduation, 89% of our participants report saving a portion of their income.
Many join savings groups to invest in small businesses and in their children's education.

89% Save Income
Invest in business,
child education

Updated annually and based on average of aggregate data from country programs

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