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Our Program


We invest in the power women have inside themselves.

Through a bundled, gendered graduation approach, Women for Women International targets the social, economic, and cultural barriers women face around the world. 

Our signature program directly serves women in conflict-affected countries who have been the most marginalized: These women face poverty, isolation, extreme forms of discrimination, and have been denied access to resources and knowledge. We invest in these women, supporting them to transform their own lives – so each woman can stand on her own two feet to walk whatever path she chooses for herself and her family.  

But women can’t do it alone. Through our complementary programs, we engage with men, community structures, policy makers and graduates of our program to address discriminatory social norms and practices, enhance and create more opportunities for women, and provide the support women need to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.  

As each woman walks her own path, she brings others along with her, including her family, other women, and her community. Her footsteps make a ripple effect: She shares her power with those around her, so that together they can bring gender equality, prosperity and stability to her family and community through the knowledge, skills and resources she has gained and the connections she has formed with other women. 

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Our program addresses the specific needs of women survivors of war.

When a woman enrolls in our signature program, she joins a group of 24 other women, breaking down the isolation many experience and cultivating a safe space.

They go on this journey together..

Complementary Programs

We are continuously learning and striving to improve both the program offered to marginalized women, as well as activities that will complement and deepen the impact of our training.

group of men in class
Men’s Engagement

We engage men to become allies and advocates for women’s empowerment and gender equality. We collaborate with male community leaders to teach men the benefits of supporting women’s progress.  

Rwanda- Imigongo painting group
Graduate Support

After completing our program, graduates continue their journey to empowerment as change makers, business owners, cooperative leaders, and advocates. Through graduate support, women receive advanced informational or skill training, and more access to resources to improve their vocation.

Woman smiling at a table
Community Advocacy

The women we serve are community leaders on the front lines. After finishing the Signature Program, women use their power to become Change Agents: Through local advocacy and leadership roles, they rebuild their communities and tackle persistent problems to create sustainable progress.  

Rwanda woman looking at camera

Your monthly gift of $35 provides a woman with skills to support her family and creates sustainable change.