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Inspired to make a difference, nine-year-old Katelynn holds a bake sale to support Women for Women International and now raises funds through a virtual bake sale


A letter from Katelyn’s stepmom about Katelynn’s dedication to help others

It isn’t very often that we are able to be inspired by young girls and all too often as adults, we forget that children want to make a difference in this world.

Each day Katelynn inspires me with her brilliance, quick wit, and beautiful compassion but I noticed that she was struggling with her own issues of not thinking she is pretty enough, not feeling that she will have friends.  I was shocked when this beautiful child was expressing so much anxiety about her looks. 

Her father and I decided for her birthday that I would take her to an art exhibit called “Half the Sky” that discussed human trafficking, maternal mortality, micro lending, and other issues.  I wanted Katelynn to know that girls her age have struggles of their own and that she could do something to help.

At the end of the exhibit, participants were asked to make a commitment to do something to help women and girls.  Katelynn wrote on a notecard that she would do a lemonade stand/bake sale to donate money to Women for Women International. 

A few months ago Katelynn held her lemonade stand and raised $101 for Women for Women.  She was so proud of herself that she had made so much money and she cannot believe that the money she raised will be used to help women throughout the world. 

As an activist and a feminist, I could not be prouder of Katelynn to be dedicated to improving the lives of others when she is struggling so hard to make her way in this world herself. I hope that this simple act of kindness will inspire you to look at the young people in your life, ask them what they want to do to change the world, and then help them go out and do it. -Missy (Katelynn’s proud stepmom)

P.S. Below is the letter that Katelynn sent to WfWI.

P.P.S. Katelynn is excited to have taken her bake sale to the internet to raise more money for Women for Women International!  If you’d like to buy “virtual treats” (i.e. make a donation to support her efforts), please visit Katelynn’s fundraising campaign.