The war in Kosovo ended in 1999, but it remains a patriarchal society where women struggle for economic and social equality. Even before the war, girls were often excluded from education, which has resulted in low literacy rates among women, especially in rural areas. This exclusion further constrains women’s participation in government and other aspects of public life.

In 2017, our Kosovo leadership established Kosova–Women 4 Women, a locally registered, independent civil society organization that continues to work closely with Women for Women International to serve marginalized women. Since its inception, Women for Women International and Kosova–Women 4 Women have reached more than 34,000 women through the Stronger Women, Stronger Nations program. 

In addition to reaching women through the program, Kosova–Women 4 Women has been focused on fostering a network of connections and support for women program graduates. This includes enhancing job market access through networking by sector and supporting job placement while working with graduate Change Agents who are advocating for women’s rights in their communities.

In 2022, K-W4W reached 711 women through the SWSN program, with an additional 138 former graduates receiving small business and/or social networking support. 205 women also received direct psychosocial support services.