2018 Annual Luncheon

2018 Match Her Courage Luncheon


On Tuesday May 1, 2018, Women for Women International hosted its 10th Annual Luncheon. Featuring Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Lynsey Addario and NBC’s Lester Holt, this year’s Luncheon stressed the long-term impact war and conflict have on women and provided fresh perspectives on how investing in marginalized women not only has a life-changing effect on her and her family but also on communities, countries and our global economy.  

As Addario explained: “They are women. They are children. They are people exactly like us. They have the same goals, the same desires to provide their children with a safe life and education. They have the same dreams that we have. It just so happens that there is a war in their country and they have to flee."

Presentation by: Lynsey Addario 
Moderated by: Lester Holt

Watch the video to hear highlights from the event!


Luncheon - addario on stage
luncheon - addario
luncheon - amjad and bloomberg
luncheon - farida and guests
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luncheon - jan rock and emily chene
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