Preeti Malkani

Preeti Malkani serves as the Chair of Women for Women International – DE in Germany and serves as a member of the Global Board of Directors. 

Preeti Malkani Headshot 2

With her intercultural background (Indian / German), Preeti has been living in an international context since her childhood. Her regular stays in India taught her early on that there is no global equal opportunity. After completing her international education and business administration studies, she spent many years in international network agencies overseeing global brands and leading intercultural teams.

In the years that followed, she became very entrepreneurial in addition to looking after the family. During this time, she founded and established a textile label and a brand and communication consultancy for medium-sized companies. Today, she is head of marketing and communications at the family-owned company. Preeti lives with her husband and two children in Hamburg.

"In war-torn and crisis-prone countries, being a woman is often more dangerous than a soldier. I am all the more inspired by the incredible women in the Women for Women International programs and their strength and determination to overcome the worst of circumstances. It gives me great pleasure to know that the women in our programs have the opportunity and the capacity to rebuild their lives and that of their families. I was able to experience some of these remarkable women in Rwanda and Bosnia, which has inspired me even more to make their voices heard in Germany. "