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Afghanistan Trainer Remembered for Advocating for Women’s Rights

Women for Women International staff mourn the loss of a valued colleague killed while advancing our life-changing work in Afghanistan.

We are collectively grieving for our colleague, who lost his life while leading a men’s engagement training.

We work in some of the world’s most dangerous environments where we challenge traditional norms every day, perhaps none more so than through our Men’s Engagement training, the very training that our colleague was advancing when he lost his life. The men’s engagement training program creates a place for men to explore gender, masculinity, and understand the benefits to families and communities when women are empowered. Our colleague courageously stepped into a role designed to bridge local norms and beliefs with the goal of empowering women. The very act of leading men’s groups on this topic is extremely sensitive and courageous work, but the life-changing, sustainable impact for women and communities is immense.

Women for Women International is proud of the direct impact our programs have on the communities we serve. It is the tireless efforts of our local teams who are on the frontlines every day implementing our mission. Our local colleagues are our lifeline—the heart and soul of the organization. It is through their energy, enthusiasm and dedication that our work can be culturally sensitive and truly transformative.

Safety and security of our program activities is paramount. Women for Women International enacts strict security precautions under the recommendations provided by our global security advisor. We also have close relationships with both governmental and religious leaders in the communities we serve to ensure full support for our important work.

Out of safety and security for the family and for our programs, we are withholding personal details of our colleague.; however, we stand in solidarity with the family at this very difficult time and we remain firmly grateful for his contributions.