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Book Club Series – Your Take on ‘So You Want to Talk About Race’

This month, we read Ijeoma Oluo's So You Want to Talk About Race together for the Women for Women International Book Club. Working towards gender equality is intertwined with working towards racial equality. 

And that means having conversations about race that can be complex and uncomfortable. We were thrilled to see so many members of our global community pick up this month's book and join this important conversation on equality on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, using the tags @womenforwomen or #WFWIBookClub.

Here's what you had to say:

Book Club Quote - "Talk. Please talk and talk and talk some more. But also act. Act now, because people are dying now in this unjust system."

Reader @melreviewsbooks said: 

Just finished it!! Wow! The writing was concise and beautiful. I especially loved her shout outs to indigenous and Asian women. So comprehensive!

Reader @tushayshanpayne said:

Loved this book and the writing!! This book is a call to action. Learning and having conversations is great, but we have to act too. Start where you are with what you have: vote local, support POC-owned businesses, and call out injustice when you see it. Highly recommend for anyone looking to do more in their community and make this a better world!

Reader Michela said: 

I read it last month. It is very clear, Ijeoma is able to explain difficult topics in a very easy way, relating everyday life with systemic oppression and privilege. I particularly loved that she invites the reader to reflect through questions and examples that question each of us. Definitely a "must read"

Reader @dunajahn said: 

I think one of the most actionable suggestions in this book is to reflect of what your own privileges are. Then identify how to use them as an opportunity to amplify the needs of people who don’t have the same privileges.

Reader @lialyn_a said:

This is an important book to read if you're on a journey to become a better advocate for equality. So You Want to Talk About Race is the perfect place to start to self-educate about race, systemic racism, and intersectionality!

Reader @mightypenjourney said: 

Just finished this month’s #WfWIBookClub pick, So You Want To Talk About Race. I loved how much time was devoted to Intersectionality. And how she explained that each act of racism, no matter how subtle or overt, can be traced to a larger system of racism. We need to identify and address them both: the individual act and the system that fostered it. I highly recommend this book! #knowbetterdobetter

Thank you to everyone who joined us this month to read So You Want to Talk About Race! We hope you feel more equipped and prepared to have important conversations that help all women overcome systemic barriers. 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @womenforwomen to participate in book club discussions and let us know your thoughts!