collage of women with text #leanintogether

Creating Unstoppable Women

When a woman has the support of other women she is unstoppable!

Today, Lean In launched “Together Women Can,” a campaign celebrating the power of women supporting each other and the amazing things women accomplish when they do. We would like to congratulate and thank Facebook COO and Lean in Founder Sheryl Sandberg for her tremendous support of our organization through her presence on our board and through Lean In’s recent sponsorship of twelve women in our yearlong program.

Like “Together Women Can,” Women for Women International believes that when a woman has the support of other women she is unstoppable. That’s why our program links our global network of supporters to women in each of the eight countries where we work. Our sisterhood of sponsors open the door to a 12-month training program for women in countries where it is hardest to be a woman. Working in classes of 25, sponsored women are able to build support networks, share experiences, learn critical skills, and access vital resources to rebuild their lives.

We’re proud to support Lean In and Together Women Can—because we know that women accomplish amazing things when we support each other! So, raise your hand and your voice by sponsoring a woman in our yearlong program today—let's remind our world that when we empower women we ignite change!