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Dare To Dream: WfWI and Wanderlust + Co

Our friends at Wanderlust + Co have joined us to celebrate International Women's Day

Blog by Jenn Low, founder of Wanderlust + Co 

Every vision begins first with a dream. To be a dreamer is to believe in the impossible, the unimaginable and to never lose your sense of wonder. It is important for women to dream as it enables us to have an open dialogue about making a difference. It also inspires us to be brave and take steps towards improving the world that we live in.

As a new mother, I am reminded every day about the importance of raising little people who are beautiful inside and out. Olivia is two months old and already there is a lightness and purity about her that reminds me that beauty is everywhere in our world. There are many amazing things to explore and for us to all be part of, as long as we continue to move forward with courage, love and a kind spirit.

Hillary Clinton said it best when she said that little girls should never doubt they are valuable, powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve their dreams. Women are the glue that binds families and society together, and it is important to build each other up by encouraging and supporting one another. Real women adjust each other’s crowns. Strength is in numbers, and when united we will stand for so much more.

I am lucky to be able to work with and meet talented young women every day. Many of them are just starting out in the fashion industry and often lack the confidence to chase their dreams. It is a joy to be able to provide them with a platform that affords them opportunities, and encourage them to believe that all that they need to realize their dreams are within them and in their hands. The strongest form of empowerment is for someone to believe in us.

The future is more female than it has ever been. Women are no longer only wives or mothers – we are all of that and more. At Wanderlust + Co, we stand behind Women For Women International’s belief that strong women build strong nations. Beyond helping female survivors of war support their families, the WfWI program empowers women to support one another.

Our all female Wanderlust + Co team stands firmly for the ripple effect of this positive mindset and program. In conjunction with International Women’s Day on March 8, we will be raising funds via the sale of our iconic “Dreamer” Mantra Bangle, where 20% of proceeds between March 6-19th 2017 will be donated to WfWI. We are grateful to be part of the WfWI network and to be able to drive visibility and awareness to this cause for sustainable change. The Dare to Dream campaign goal is to empower women all over the world to chase their dreams. Persevere and keep your eyes on your goal. Most importantly, dream without fear and limits.

For more information on Dare to Dream, head to our website!

If you'd like to sponsor a sister, please click here.