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Discussing the Situation Yezidi Women Face in the Region

August 3rd marks the commemoration of the 2014 genocide perpetrated by ISIS against the Yezidis in Sinjar and Nineveh Plains, Iraq.

It has been two years since the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” conducted a genocidal campaign against the Yezidis in their homeland of Sinjar, in northern Iraq. During the attack, ISIS killed over 5,000 civilians, and kidnapped more than 6,000 civilians, mostly women and girls targeted for sexual enslavement.

In response to the crisis in the region Women for Women International is working with local organizations, like the Free Yezidi Foundation, to reach the most vulnerable women in need of support, including those suffering severe emotional trauma, at high risk of violence, and living in extreme poverty. Women for Women International is providing psychosocial support services, and life and business skills training to 650 Yezidi women, and is also supporting the Free Yezidi Foundation in building a training center.

Last night, Laurie Adams, President of Women for Women International, joined Pari Ibrahim, Founder and Executive Director of the Free Yezidi Foundation, to discuss the Sinjar massacres and the situation Yezidi women face in the region on 'The Heat' on CCTV America. Take a look at the broadcast below:

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