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#HerVoiceMyVoice – We March for Christina

This New Year continues to bring political unrest and devastation to millions of people around the world, including those countries within which we work such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan.

On January 21st, Women for Women International will join the Women’s March on Washington to actively encourage the incoming U.S. Administration to continue to support commitments to women, peace, and security as a paramount objective of U.S. foreign policy. We are marching to ensure the voices of women everywhere are heard, and no woman is forgotten.

We march for women like Christina.

Christina is a 27-year-old widowed Congolese refugee living at Lasu settlement camp in Yei River County, South Sudan. Christina lost her husband during the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency and since has struggled with the responsibilities faced by single parenthood.

Inspired by the passion to learn new skills and the need to network with other women in the camp and in the host community, Christina decided to enroll in our program. Having fled her home, Christina found that building supportive relationships through classmates in our programs have made a positive impact on her life. “Like others in the camp, I now have many more friends than I used to. [We] share ideas and learn from each other, improving our relationships and fostering peace and harmony in the camp.”

We at Women for Women International have borne witness to the impact our program has to connect these women, so that together they can bring changes to their own lives, their communities, and countries. It is imperative that we continue to foster these networks of women to ensure a greater sense of peace and stability in these fragile times; however, we – as have many others – have had to scale back our presence in the Lasu Refugee camp due to the escalation of catastrophic violence in South Sudan. Without a strong U.S. foreign policy and continued commitments guiding the diplomatic community to prioritize women, peace, and security, we will be unable to help women like Christina.

It is this essential work that directly impacts the resilient and strong women like Christina that is motivating supporters, friends, and staff to join the Women’s March on Washington. Her story shows us that violence, conflict, and genocide have and continue to threaten the safety and well-being of women everywhere. We believe, as individuals and as an organization, that promoting women’s dignity for social justice is not charity work, it’s our responsibility. We cannot fail other refugee women like Christina.

We call on you to join this movement and march for women around the world who will be impacted by U.S. policies. Be a voice that marches not just for yourself, but for women around the globe. Women for Women International stands committed to improving the lives of women affected by conflict and war, and we know that we cannot do this unless our voices are heard. When you march with Women for Women International, you march with the 447,000 women that have found their strength again through our programs.

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