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How You Can Help Ukraine

While we do not currently run programs in Ukraine, we stand with the people who are suffering. Below are some suggestions on how to help. 

We are horrified at Russia’s attack on Ukraine and call for every possible measure to build peace. As an organization serving women in conflict-affected regions for almost 30 years, we know that women are disproportionately impacted  both during, and long after war has ended. They often become targets of sexual exploitation and face the brunt of poverty, violence, and trauma while having had the least say in the decisions that lead to war. 

How to Help

Many of you have been asking how you can help. While we don’t currently operate in Ukraine, we wanted to share a few actions you can take today: 

  • Stay up to date – follow trustworthy sources including journalists and organisations on the ground like @UkrainiansInSolidarity and @WithUkraine.
  • Join peace protests – all around the world people are speaking out against the invasion of Ukraine. Go to Stand With Ukraine to find demonstrations happening near you. 
  • Use your platform to spread awareness – share stories from trustworthy sources, petitions people can sign, and organizations they can support. Show you are standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 

We truly believe that with every positive action (big or small), with every kind word shared, we can make a difference. We see it every day. 

Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, this Women’s History Month we will be highlighting the power of women around the world. We will be calling on the international community to invest in women in fragile and conflict-affected areas  because they are the key to a peaceful future.