Women standing and smiling with lettuce

Looking Ahead to a Brighter Future

At Women for Women International, we are inspired by the hopes and dreams of the women we serve. Their strength and resilience in the face of incredible adversity shows us that anything is possible.

Below, some of the women in our programs around the globe share their hopes and dreams for the future. We hope that they will inspire you, as they have us. 

Participants gather together in a Women for Women training center"My greatest dream is to give my family a home which would be ours, which we would never have to leave." - Begzada, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"I plan to train other women and show them the importance of agriculture." - Rosalie, DRC

"I hope to buy my own sewing machine and open my own tailoring workshop." - Florida, DRC

"I will work hard to learn as much as I can and then use the knowledge to find a job and become an independent woman." - Fetije, Kosovo

"Though my son is still very tender, when he grows up, I will teach him that women have rights just as men do." - Justine, Nigeria

Program graduate puts her business skills to work at a local market

Photo Credit: Alison Wright

"I would like to rent a stand in the market and start my own business of selling fruits." - Berthilde, Rwanda

"I [would] like to learn more in order to reach the level of my sister who sponsored me, so that next time I will be the one to sponsor other ladies." - Mary, South Sudan

"I will plant more rice and maize for family food and also for income. In this way, I will save to buy more goats." - Ainga, South Sudan

"I plan to educate my children to the highest possible level." - Zelda, Rwanda

"I am going to be married in January 2015, and I hope to have a strong home because of the lessons I got." - Claudine, Rwanda