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A Mother Finding Strength After Change

Rabia is a mother who has 6 children. In honor of Mother’s Day, we are sharing Rabia's story so that you may learn how the Women for Women International program has allowed Rabia to take better care of her children and her family. This is her story:

Rabia is the mother of six children, two daughters and four sons. A year ago, her husband became very sick and couldn’t go to his job as a day laborer. Rabia and her husband were living hand to mouth and struggling to feed their children. Rabia suddenly became the main breadwinner for her family. It was up to her to support her family and send her children to school. Rabia believes that through education, she can save her children from malnutrition and illiteracy, and escape life living on the fringe of society.  

Though it was extremely difficult, Rabia never lost hope. She knew she had to find some way to support her family and take care of her children. One day, she heard about Women for Women International’s program and her life suddenly changed yet again. She joined our program and became deeply involved in the vocational training program. She can now move forward without any fear of failing her children. She says, “[M]y efforts in the program made my life better by showing me that there is a world full of things to be done and dreams to be achieved.”

Through our program, Rabia has learned different new information in topics such as healthcare, women and Islam, agriculture and livestock. After a few months in the program, Rabia learned that weaving and tailoring was a passion of hers. She is very good at it and now earns a living off her skills. Her fellow villagers discovered Rabia’s skill at tailoring and have been submitting orders. She has gotten so many, Rabia decided to teach her oldest daughter to weave to keep up with the demand. The two women earn enough money to support their entire family. Rabia has dreams of owning her own tailoring shop one day. She says, “[N]ow I can think of a better future for myself and my children.”

Rabia may have struggled as the sole breadwinner in her family, but she has always done what she could to feed and educate her children. This is what mothers do. We are so proud of Rabia for her strength and her perseverance in the face of difficulty. Happy Mother’s Day, Rabia! You deserve it. 

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