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The Power of Connection – Messages of Hope from Iraq

Under strenuous and uncertain circumstances, communication becomes a lifeline. It’s the way that women rebuilding after war connect with others to unite and change our world. Connecting with sponsors, neighbors, and leaders in her community can break open a woman’s understanding of her role in the world. Our global community grows and strengthens when we connect with one another to share our messages of hope. 

We celebrate the power of women supporting one another by sharing with you excerpts from messages by participants in Iraq — so we can connect and grow together.


“My dear sister, I am very happy to write you this letter. I hope you are doing well and staying healthy. I hope that you and your country can manage this disease. We are very happy and grateful for this program. This program is very helpful to us women in Shawes. It has benefited us a lot. I hopefully await the day when we can be together in classes again. This program is a good opportunity that helps us start our own businesses in order to support our families. I hope that you will be proud of me in the future, proud of the new information I have learned and my skills.” 


“Thanks for supporting me through this program. I have gained more knowledge about women’s rights. I have learned how to dedicate time to myself. I read books in order to develop myself. I hope that you and your family members stay healthy during coronavirus. Please stay home and take care of yourself.” 


“Thanks for giving me an opportunity to learn new things in life. I have learned to be better at managing my household finances. I have learned how to set goals: My goal is to start my own business, a small salon where I can earn my own income and become independent. I hope that you are staying safe during the pandemic. May our lives return back to normal soon.” 


“I am so happy to be writing to you. I am doing well and healthy. I ask God to keep you healthy and well, too. During my classes I learned how to manage my time between doing housework and take care of myself. I hope that we rejoin our classmates soon, and I can continue learning new things that I can use in my everyday life.” 


“I hope that you are well and staying safe and healthy, away from coronavirus. In the first three months of the program I learned a lot, I also transferred what I learned to the people around me. I am hoping that we can be together in classes again soon.” 

A woman, Cinama, stands and smiles proudly. Behind her is a foundation of bricks
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