woman using a tablet

A Refugee Woman’s Dream: “I Want to Learn More”

Amina is a nineteen-year-old refugee woman from Syria and a participant in Women for Women International’s program in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Before the war in Syria, Amina lived with her parents and four siblings. She never had the chance to go to school, however she was happy to live with her parents and four siblings and have their support. Sadly, because her family couldn’t afford to support all the siblings, she was married when she was only fifteen years old.

Matters were made worst by violent conflict in Syria. Amina lost an uncle and a cousin to war. After that tragic loss, her husband’s family decided to leave the country for Iraq.

Woman using a tablet

In a new environment with few support systems, Amina and her husband struggle to provide for the whole family. This has prompted Amina to join Women for Women International’s program hoping to learn new skills and earn an income. What she has found at the program is that and more.

Before joining the program, Amina described herself as a very shy person and didn’t talking to anyone, but now after a few months of participation she feels braver and more confident.

“I can talk, express myself, and speak up,” Amina says.

Amina loves to learn and is partaking in tailoring classes through Women for Women International’s program. She has also gained important numeracy and business skills and is saving the stipend she received from the program.

“I am very eager to learn more. Now I know how to read and write numbers, this means I can take clients’ measurements well and use measuring tape in the right way. I have already learned more than I ever thought. I want to learn more,” Amina says.

We support Amina in her goal to reach her full potential and hope her future is brighter now that she can read and write numbers.