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Supporter Spotlight: Barbara Bryce

“Women for Women International is unique in creating these personal connections through letters and shared information between women that would never have a chance for that connection otherwise. It creates a web of support that transcends our typical lives and lets us share and learn from each other. It is a feminist vision of solidarity that transcends nations, borders, and governments.”

Supporter Barbara Bryce and her grand-niece
Supporter Barbara Bryce and her grand-niece

I first learned about Women for Women International when it was a new organization in the late 1990's through the women's division of the American Psychological Association. The idea of offering support internationally to women in war-torn areas through a women's organization struck me as a new and compelling way to support both women's activism and women's well-being.

I loved the prospect of a personal connection between sponsor and sister, through an organization dedicated to women that would cut through red tape. Women for Women International offers real support for micro businesses that could be of substantial and long-lasting benefit to women and their families who have suffered so terribly.

Supporter Barbara Bryce

The structure of training groups that provide health and wellness as well as business development and training is brilliant. I always hope that the participants in the training groups will experience the support and joy of giving and receiving support from other women, which has enriched my own life so much in my own country.

My mother passed away in 1995. She had great compassion and generosity, and was fierce about righting unfairness for others, which she acted on mostly on a personal level. When I came upon Women for Women International, it seemed like the perfect way to put her spirit into action and to honor her memory. I share this memory of her with each of my sponsored sisters.

I enjoy the connection with women across the world and being able to directly help their personal and financial growth. I am grateful for a way I can help that is direct, safe, and empowering for me and my sponsor sisters in a crazy and often dangerous world. It is a truly meaningful way of putting my aspirations for our world into action – and feels great.