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Supporter Spotlight: David Hale

Our Sponsorship Spotlight will feature supporters who generously support our work. Today, we put the spotlight on David Hale, a father and husband living in central Georgia who donates to Women for Women International through his tattoo business.

“I believe that one of the most important tasks of our time is to support the empowerment of women. I find that a family, community, nation, society, and world with empowered women results in a better quality of life for all members. I see Women for Women International doing this work. I have great faith that my donations are going to help support women who help make our world more livable for all its inhabitants.

When I first chose Women for Women International as my monthly charity, I received so many thank you notes, personal stories, and offers to give beyond. I realized this charity was special. I began to do more research and found out that the work was in complete alignment with my world view. Seeing this work called me to look deeper into my life and community and how I can support the empowerment of women. I believe it is part of my duty to offer as much back as I can, to create a deeper balance in our world by living my life as a means of offering balance. It is an ongoing process, and offering these donations to Women for Women International is one way to assist this process.

Although I understand that authentic acts of charity do not require personal feelings of worth and meaning, those feelings often do accompany acts of giving. For me those feelings resonate most deeply when I think about my son and my god-daughter. I get a deep sense of value in feeling like I am contributing to improving their future world and the world of other children like them. A healthy human, of any gender, has a “motherly instinct”. Giving to Women for Women International comes from that place of instinct.

I have been contributing to Women for Women International for about two years now through a tattoo based program I call Gratitude Tattoos. Each month I give the full payment from 1 of 10 of the tattoos I create to a specific charity I choose.”

On December 3, 2016 David held a studio sale and print show in Athens, GA. David leveraged the event to raise awareness of Women for Women International’s work and donated 10% of his proceeds to the organization.

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