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Thinking Ahead blog series

Women for Women International has set big goals to achieve a world where every woman can use her power. Across the world, our teams have set their ambitions high to reach more women and support them better. Learn more about how we’re investing in women by reading our Thinking Ahead series, as we highlight each country office’s goals for this year and beyond.

What are we doing in Nigeria?

Recent social movements have shown that women’s leadership is crucial to the future of Nigeria. After years of planning, the Nigeria team is looking towards an expansion in 2021 to fully invest in the power of participants. Besides expanding the program, we’re equipping women with the leadership and advocacy skills to combat violence against women and support women’s economic empowerment. The team is also investing in women’s financial ability to support themselves, their families, and their businesses through partnerships with United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU) to establish savings and loan groups. With the support of a grant from the UK Department for International Development and local Disabled Persons’ Organizations (DPO), we’re living up to our commitment to reach women where they are, and are expanding our work to reach women with disabilities and provide tailored support, so they can use their power to transform their lives.

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What are we doing in Iraq?

Just as staff in Iraq quickly pivoted to support women in crisis in 2020, they’re bringing that spirit of innovation and expansion to support more women survivors of conflict and war. Besides building on their technological success, the Iraq program is helping women forge support networks to protect each other’s safety and address gender-based violence. They’re expanding the program to serve refugees from Iraq and Syria as they rebuild their lives, in partnership with UNHCR.

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What are we doing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

Women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have for decades faced challenges on multiple fronts, from extreme poverty to multiple, simultaneous health crises to persistent, violent conflict. Yet the future of their families and communities still rests on women’s shoulders. Our team is prioritizing solutions that allow women to access income and savings in safe, social distant ways such as piloting the virtual apps that allow women to participate in Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA). This year the DRC team will also be implementing a land-rights and awareness project, so women can protect their land rights while decreasing the risk of violent retaliation that women often face when attempting to reclaim their land. The DRC team is expanding into new communities and looks forward to piloting projects that have seen success in our other country offices.

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Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing even more updates from our country offices. Watch this space to learn about our goals in Rwanda, Afghanistan, and South Sudan!