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“Tough Times Don’t Last” - Messages of Hope from Nigeria

Disease drives people apart. From social distancing to suspicion, the coronavirus pandemic has left a lot of people feeling isolated.  

But just because we’re apart doesn’t mean we can’t still stay connected. Women for Women International’s global community connects women across the world to support one another.

The changes we’ve had to make to the program and to protect the health and safety of women and staff have made it difficult to consistently collect and share letters without the consistent contact of the in-person trainings. We’re fortunate that our staff and some participants have enough cellphone access and reception to stay connected with each other and with all of us.  

We wanted to show some of the wonderful messages of hope and support from women in the program in Nigeria have shared with you through these calls.  

"Challenging times can bring you down but remember they will not last forever. Stay safe!"
"You are a loving sister that I don't want to lose. At these trying moments, I want to encourage you to stay strong and believe that a day will come when we will all smile again. I hope to hear from you after the pandemic. Adhere to the rules of safe distancing and stay safe. I love you!"
"Greetings to you! I am praying for God's protection and peace for you and your loved ones."
"Stay safe! Happier days are coming."
"You have sacrificed to put smiles on the faces of others, so I trust that God will never let you down. Stay strong and believe this pandemic will soon be history. I pray God will protect you and your loved ones. For those infected, I pray for healing them."
"Trust you and your loved ones are well despite the pandemic. My prayers and that of my family are with you. Keep staying positive!"
"In this trying moment, my heart and my prayers are with you. It is going to be well with you and your loved ones."
"Tomorrow will surely be better than today. God will protect us all. Stay safe!"
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